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Thornborough Henge is gifted o the Nation and is local to us !

Thornborough Henges have been described as ‘probably the most important single ancient site between Stonehenge and the Orkney Islands in Scotland’ (Historic England)

The central and southern henges have been gifted by Tarmac into the legal ownership of Historic England, the Government’s heritage adviser, as part of the National Heritage Collection which includes Stonehenge, Iron Bridge and Dover Castle.

They are being managed by English Heritage, which is encouraging the public to visit from Friday, with new interpretation at the site.

The full site, which will now be opened to the public, consists of three giant, circular earthworks - or henges - which are each more than 200m in diameter and date from 3500 to 2500 BC.

Why not stay with us and visit this important historical site.

Duncan Wilson, Historic England’s chief executive, said: “Thornborough Henges and their surrounding landscape form part of the most important concentration of Neolithic monuments in the North of England.

“They are a link to our ancient ancestors, through thousands of years, inspiring a sense of wonder and mystery.

“We are thrilled to have acquired this highly significant site for the nation, ensuring that these magnificent monuments are safe and will be preserved for generations to come.”

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